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updated April 9, 2018

These vector graphs are based on the details of the Access Logs for MiDomane.com. The intermediary domain locations for the first three graphs could have been selected by loosely tying a string on the map connecting Russia to the USA and then drawing an arc with a pencil, the way an ellipse is generated - it would result in the same overall transmission distance for each operation. By the fourth sortie in March 2018 a different technique has emerged to minimize the scatter of the transmission arrival times: Select the minimum total distance and minimize the number of Autonymous Systems in use for the transmissions. In drawing the first three graphs Moscow was arbitrarily picked as the origination point - the "Czar 'puter." In the fourth graph both Moscow and St.Petersburg are represented as the origination points; there is little to choose between them, and the Czar 'puter could have been anywhere near a central location to satisfy the elliptical geometry.
Full-size verions of these graphs can be viewed by first viewing the images in your brower and then removing the -RS near the end of its URL.
December 19 2017 Sortie
January 9 2018 Sortie
February 15 21018 Sortie
March 4 2018 Sortie